Ray solo live ひまわりの日 Vol.10

12:00 PM


◎Once in the year, at the end of summer my solo live “Himawari no Hi” (which means Sunflower’s Day lol)
will be held. Started when I was 18. Now I’m 27 today. Thanks to all for supporting me so far. I will sing wholeheartedly, the sweet melodies full of gratitude.Please come and see me. I WANT TO SING WITH YOU.

Ray solo live ひまわりの日Vol.10
2016年 8月28日 (日) 
Open:12:00 Start:12:30
代官山 晴れたら空に豆まいて

Adv, w/flyer ¥3000  Students ¥2000
Door ¥3200

Vo. Ray Akaike
Pf. 大谷愛
Ba. 林勇太郎
Drs. 中山健太郎