support surface fw2018/2019

Joined with my voice in support surface fw 2018/2019 collection. So proud to be in a part of this company.
Such an authentic and brilliant show! Thank you. Big respect and love to all whom engaged and giving efforts into this special show. All the craftsman, artisans, designers, models and every part of the light and sounds I can’t stop venerating these precious people.

ところで先日はsupport surface fw2018/2019 コレクション@スペースオーでした!
音楽隊の衣装ももちろんsupport surface✴︎このワンピースには一目惚れでした。こんな素敵なお洋服を生み出す人に心底、感謝する。それからショーはいつだって計り知れないほどの素晴らしい職人さんや技術さんがいて成り立つ。


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